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Self Guided Walking Tour

This is a self-guided tour of some of the more commonly known haunted areas in Denver’s downtown area.  The tour can start and finish on 17th Street.  One can either walk the entire route or take the FREE 16th Street mall shuttle.   

NOTE: This is not part of a tour package, it is just for your information and wonder-lust.

Union Station

1701 Wynkoop Street

Built in 1881 on 17th and Wynkoop.  This was the first railway depot in Denver.  A fire in 1894 burnt a large portion of the main building.  There used to be a huge welcoming arch that was built in 1906.  It read MIZPAH-Hebrew for welcome.  The arch was dismantled in 1931 as a traffic hazard.  There is a strong paranormal presence throughout the station.  One of the ghosts is a three fingered hobo who used to live at the station.  He will bother the ticket agents and follow passengers.  There is a story of a little girl dressed in 1800’s attire, maybe she is a victim of the fire in 1894?  A maintenance worker has seen her in the tunnels.  

Oxford Hotel

1600 17th St. 

Opened in 1891.  Room 320 is supposedly haunted by young women.  The women was caught cheating and like any loved-crazed,  jealous husband, he killed her, then himself.   Room is haunted by spirit of the woman; she appears in the room and the mirror.

Cruise Room Bar:  this is a bar with a retro look and feel. There is  a reoccurring story of a man dressed in an old postman uniform.  This man sits at the bar and orders a beer.  He talks to the bartender and other bar patrons about delivering gifts to children.  The man then disappears.  The bartender picks up the empty beer bottle, only to find it full.  This is supposedly the spirit of a mailman in Central City who disappeared while delivering Christmas gifts.  His body was found in the spring of early 1900’s with the undelivered gifts.

 Hotel Teatro

1100 14th Street

Built in 1911,it was originally the old Tramway building, then the University of Colorado downtown, then the Denver Center for the Performing arts and finally, in the late 1990’s renovations began to make it into the Hotel Teatro.   During the remodeling, workers would hear voices in rooms.  When they would explore the rooms, they were empty.  There is the ghost of the Tool Man.  This is the spirit of a mechanic who was killed in the basement (where he worked) in an accident.

Footsteps are also heard in the hotel when no one else is around.

Stranglers Row

19TH and Market Street

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s prostitution was big business in Denver and the Market Street area thrived with houses of ill repute.  In the fall of 1894 3 prostitutes were strangled on Market Street.  The first was on September 3: Lena Trapper, 37, was strangled with part of her shirt at 1911 Market street.  On October 23- Marie Contassot,23, was strangled on her bed with a piece of cord at 1925 Market Street.  On November 13 Kiku Oyama, 19-24 was strangled on her bed at 1957 Market Street. 

All the murders happened on the same block and on the west side.  They were all left on their beds and there were no signs of a struggle.  Richard Demandy was arrested for Lena Trappers murder, they had been lovers, but he was acquitted.  No one was ever captured for the killings. This are became known as Stranglers Row.

The Brown Palace Hotel

321 17th Street

Built in 1892 and renovated in 1995, this  hotel has always remained open.  In 1940-55 a socialite lived and died in room 904.  During tours of the hotel, guides to tell her saga.  During that time, the switch board would light up with calls coming from room 904.  The ringer is, is that the room was not only vacant, but also empty.  There was no phone to make the calls!  When they stopped telling her tale and the calls stopped.

A few moused re ghost tales of the hotel are:

  • A ghostly waiter who rides the elevators.
  • A mysterious  string quartet that can sometimes be heard playing.
  • A  ghostly train conductor, who lingers around the ticket office.  It just so happens that this office used to be the old railroad ticket office.
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